Organizations Towards Organisms

WHEN KENDURI CINTA 2011, Emha Ainun Nadjib (Cak Nun) spoke about organization and organism. Commonly, organization is discussed without connected to organism. More over our association about organism certainly lead to the discipline of biology while organization is in social science. It can be defined simply that organization is a container in which people gather to proceed towards their ideals, goals or collective expectations that have been assigned to the organization. To achieve that goal then in the organization is created structures and processes. Then there are chart and mechanism. There are hierarchy and authority. There is a right, there is an obligation. There is a reward, there is a punishment. There is a deal, there is a decision.

Meanwhile, according to biology, organism means living things. Outside the characteristics that have been formulated by scientists, there is a feature is that living creatures are God’s creatures. And, in the process of creation that is God created creatures uniquely. In the created things, there is character that different from each other. No one exactly have the same thing. There is definitely a side where they are different even though they are two people who were born twins. At least, they will be named differently by their parents to distinguish both, so that people around them are not confused to call them, because they are two different selfs. For example, the one named Nina and the other one Nini. Surely, both have similarities but they are difference also cannot be denied. It is not to enlarge the difference but we are directing attention to the uniqueness.

The Uniqueness. That is the organism. That is why, in one occasion, Cak Dil, one of Maiyah’s teacher explains that the hallmark of the organism is authenticity. Similar to the uniqueness, authenticity is the purity or genuineness that caused any person or creature difference from its origin. Therefore, perhaps it can be assumed that logically every single person has his own authenticity. Associated with the organization, with all characteristic and nature of the organization, often a movement, cultural or a system that takes place in an organization cause people dissociated from potency of authenticity. According to Cak Dil, organization creates veils that prevents people to understand their authenticity. Then the challenge is how organization is built without leave human’s authenticity. Cak Nun said, “Organization is allowed as long as towards organism. River had to the sea. Organization is a method.“

Perhaps Cak Nun is concerned, as many organizations that has formed, evidently, become the main identity for people who involve in it. Organization becomes much more primary more than other “identities” that should be major in human being. Then, Cak Nun said, “please find materials to differentiate your organization with organism. Organization is how unified people unites in the organism. All this time, organization has trapped to be organization with its prestige competition amongst them. Whereas organization should deliver human being towards organism. The main studies of agriculture is organism, so physics, biology, medical. Now, how do you to be part of organism with God? (the answer is) you do the causality with God. If you get suffering, God cries. If God being hurt by human, you also feel the pain.”

To ease understanding about authenticity, we ought to follow the explanation of Muhammad Zuhri in his book “Hidup Lebih Bermakna” (Serambi, 2007) about the difference between the “roles” and function “. Everyone plays a role in particular and it is different from the role of the other.  Meanwhile, the function can be equal between each other.  Equally serves as a teacher, one has different capabilities in transforming knowledge to student. The function emerges from society through various responsibilities, while direct roles came from God. Associated with Cak Nun’s statement, organization provides functionality while God provides authenticity that is the main feature of organism and human is one of God’s organism (creation).

Up to here, our thoughts might also imagine a number of opinions among Western social scientists concern that organization such as industries also potentially alienate workers from them self and the reality around them. Is there at a certain level it means every individual potency of authenticity in industrial environment becomes veiled. So that, nowadays many companies are trying to pay attention to spiritual aspects through religious activities within the company, as well as social care activities -whatever the circumstances- it might be without realizing motivated by the urge to restore the flow to the authenticity.

Discussion about organization and this organization would say that organization is necessary as human being as social being. But society is not the main universe because before it, human is God’s creature, organism, who was awarded “the mandate” of uniqueness and authenticity in himself.