Indonesia as a Movement

MAIYAH LOVES Indonesia in its typical ways. Including the way to believe something about Indonesia is different from the others. For example if someone concerned about Indonesia condition, either national political, economic, its dignity from the other country and other aspects, Maiyah feels similar concerns. If someone tired then despair about the future of Indonesia, Maiyah also has similar reason for despair. When people do not have anymore perception and image of Indonesia, Maiyah also be in about the same atmosphere.

However, Maiyah takes different paths. Maiyah builds optimism, at least to itself. Maiyah choose not to despair. Maiyah creates a new image of Indonesia in the future. Maiyah is continuously establishing good assumptions about Indonesia. Maiyah is reunited with realities that makes Maiyah has no other choice but to look to the future confidently. Maiyah found arguments that led to the glorious and victorious Indonesian’s construction.

Even further, the level is not just a matter of steady analysis or hypothesis about Indonesia but the level of confidence (faith).  If anthropologist Ben Anderson formerly referred to Indonesia as an imagined community, something that has been occurred in Maiyah is not an imagination or shadow but confidence (faith). It might called believed community. This confidence, one of those, is formed from Maiyah’s real experiences encountered in Nusantara itself. It is not just a theory or an assumption. Therefore, changes to the better Indonesia is very believed. Even further by confidently detailed. As revealed by Emha Ainun Nadjib (Cak Nun), “The workers were not merely members of parliament or political members. Don’t think that the arts workers only artist and director, don’t think the perpetrators of missionary only a chaplain and priest. You live well trusted by neighbours, it was an incredible mission rather than you just talk.”

Furthermore Cak Nun said, “God commissioned various things such as medical affairs, kasyaf, identifying history or technical strategies”. There are also scales; local, national, and international.  And I beg to God to bless you all to rejoice together. Indeed, that everything will lead to the purity movements like this. We must be ready within a few years to become Indonesia that is inevitably as a paragon (uswatun hasanah) country for Islamic countries like Middle East as they have already taken a formal decision that they would replicate Indonesia. In this case they got wrong perception, because if they discuss “house and its walls”, Indonesia does not need to be replicated, but they should look Indonesia’s arupadattu. However the potential and basic principles of genealogy to the quality of faith and mental endurance, Indonesian nation is superior.”

It was clear what Cak Nun said above, if Indonesian do not have optimism or even despair that means by this time failure had been fallen to the children of the nation who endowed with abundant wealth. That is failure to identify truly themselves (potential, strength, history). Failure caused by ‘the history’ that make Indonesia to be cretin and unfortunately, the Indonesian believe in this kind of small-minded for a long time. Thus, Maiyah learn to re-identify Indonesia in deep from various angles, references, and hypothesis.  In terms of time it can be traced back to the centuries.  How fun to trace back the Indonesia history with passion and encouragement in the optimism of the future of Indonesia. It was not only simply studying history as an object of study that sometimes delivered boringly by teacher without soul.

Moreover Cak Nun spoke about God who has given various assignments, revealed that those who works is not only someone who are working as we look. Thus, it was also contained an understanding that every strenght of discovery, kindness, virtues and authenticity in any field in Nusantara should be moving in the same awareness: for the sake of Indonesia. We look at each other that people who have different kind of potential is a friend, a partner, a companion at the same purpose that is to uphold Indonesian dignity.

In this vision, Indonesia is a movement driven by each Indonesian people that moves in accordance with their respective fields. Awareness of Indonesia should not be separated from framing its movements.  The Indonesian movement, even by Maiyah believed not only sustained by goodwills and sincerity of its people but also involved the forces of God apparatus such as angels even invisible intelligent creatures.

And, Maiyah’s people believe it.